Keynote Speaker

Not willing to just ‘speak’, I’m a provocative thought-starter and idea-connector at-the-front of the room. As MC and conference facilitator I synthesise the concepts presented by other speakers whilst still leaving ‘space’ for attendees to draw their own insights. I love the juicy conversations that happen amongst a panel of experts and the ‘light-bulb’ moments that occur when people learn [...]


Something magical happens like-minded people come together. When they come together in a space that facilitates free-flowing, real conversations. Bold things happen when those spaces have a purpose. Intention. There are many issues, causes and discussions that are worthy of attention.  Worthy of space. Women’s issues, mental illness, modern relationships, politics, conscious business, real entrepreneurship [...]

SMSB Podcast

The Social Media for Small Business Podcast is published every couple of weeks (give or take) … and with over 50 episodes in the iTunes library it covers almost everything small business owners need to successfully harness social media in their business. An initiative of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, I co-host the podcast with Suzi [...]

Work With Me

Consulting. Facilitating. Key Note Speaking. MC-ing. These are a few of my favourite ways to work with people. If you’d like me to speak, facilitate or MC your event the best place to start is a conversation. Email your event details, your outcomes and how you see me fitting in. We can take it from [...]


Social Media. Smart, strategic social media. Marketing. Digital & Interactive Media. Entrepreneurship (real entrepreneurship, not the entrepreneurship you do between when you don’t want to admit you’re unemployed). Start-Ups. Business Strategy. Speaking. Facilitating. Educating. They’re my ‘things’. Professionally. Personally … confronting convention and societal rules that don’t work in a modern world. Australian Politics and [...]